Virgin Pacific Water offers products specific to both residential and commercial water treatment. From water filters and water conditioners to reverse osmosis systems and saltless water softeners, all of our products are warranted. From the independent water purifier to the whole house water filter system, we have precisely the right products for your individual scenario. Our well water iron filter reduces levels of many other contaminants including manganese and hydrogen sulfide. We are water purification experts that provide high quality residential and commercial water filters. We also offer well water filters and municipal water filters as part of a industrial process. If you have a concern with your water, we will find a solution.

With over 70 years combined experience in the water treatment industry, Virgin Pacific Water offers the highest quality water treatment products including water filters, water conditioners, and water softeners on the market today. Along with our staff we dedicate ourselves to manufacture and provide customers with exceptional water treatment products and the technical support they need. We strive to help people make their water source healthy and safe to drink. We also offer a free water analysis to guarantee customers are purchasing the correct system for their specific water condition.

Virgin Pacific Water has done intense research on water treatment products for years.  We take pride in testing and retesting our own products, but we also purchase competitor's water treatment products and match theirs against ours seeing which is more efficient for the certain water application. There is no competition against our products, and thankfully through patent laws our products cannot be duplicated.

Virgin Pacific Water Inc. stands by its products 100%, with warranties that go as long as 10 years. That's how confident we are with our products. We promise customers the best service possible. When customers call with any questions, they get no recorded message. They converse with tech support staff directly and immediately.

Some patents include the Virgin Aquafer and Virgin Maxicure distributor sticks. Unlike other companies we've patented a 4 step process to remove the harmful effects or hard water using no chemicals or salt (which you can read more about on the Virgin Aquafer and Maxicure page).

Some products include reverse osmosis systems ranging from 50 gallons per day to 1,000,000 gallons per day, including sea water reverse osmosis units. Our water softeners and water filters can go as low as a household of 2 people to a hotel that accommodates 500 people. No matter what size system you desire we will manufacture it.

There are hundreds of different problematic water conditions: Iron (ferric/ferrous), iron bacteria, nitrates, micro-biological organisms, calcium hardness, manganese, low pH, oil, high TDS(total dissolved solids), alkalinity, silica, arsenic, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, phosphorous, copper, lead, other heavy metals, etc... These conditions in water can be reduced and/or eliminated with one of our water treatment products. Guaranteed!
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Welcome to Virgin Pacific Water Inc.
Virgin Pacific Water Inc. offers water treatment products specializing in both residential and commercial water softeners, water conditioners, water purifiers, iron removal filters, well water filters, city water filters, reverse osmosis filters, and all other water applications for your home, business, and industry. If you have a problem with your water, we will find a solution.
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Water Treatment Products: water conditioners, saltless water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis units and water purifiers by Virgin Pacific Water Inc.
purified water/water conditioner
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All products produced and manufactured in the United States of America.
Do you need a temporary solution for your well water?
Rotten egg smell?
Try this

Chlorination of well procedure
Hard Water

After you bathe does your skin feel sticky?
Do you get concrete deposits on the bottom of your sink?
Do you always have to wipe hard to remove spots from your faucets?
Does your soap/toothpaste not lather up like it should?

If the answer to these questions are yes, what you require is a water softener that uses salt.

If your answer is yes, but you don't want a standard salt softener.  If you want a water conditioner that renders the hardness harmless without salt usage and reduces heavy metals and chlorine in your water leaving a better taste.

If your answer is yes, but you don't want a large filter that helps the taste. All you want is a conditioner that is small in size to get rid of that hard water scale in your plumbing and on your faucets.

Iron/Manganese in Water

Do your toilets and sinks have red/black stains that you can't seem to get rid of?
Does your water have a tin can type of taste?
Does your water smell like rotten eggs, especially the hot water?

If your answer is yes, what you require is a water conditioner with a multi-media filtration bed.

If your answer is yes, but your water doesn't have that rotten egg odor.

If your answer is yes, but your water only has a lot of iron and you want to soften the water with a salt softener.

If your answer is yes, but all you want is a water filter to get rid of the iron, rotten egg smell and leave the water's hardness harmless to your plumbing fixtures without using any salt.

All other Water Conditions

Does your water have things floating in it, and you aren't sure what exactly it is, possibly bacteria?

Do you want the best possible purified water coming out of every faucet in your house?

Do you want purified water from only one faucet in your house?

Do you think your water is very acidic (a low pH), but aren't quite sure?

Do you know your water has arsenic in it?

Do you want to get rid of the chlorine taste in your municipal water source?

Do you want the TDS(total dissolved solids) in your water to be lowered out of one faucet?

Out of your whole house?

Do you want your water to smell and taste better, but aren't sure what to get?

If you are doubtful of your current water conditions please feel free to email us.
We provide a free water analysis.
A water softener for your home
A saltless water softener for your home
Hard water scale eliminator
Under your sink reverse osmosis
The best filter available for city water
This is our best selling water conditioner
Multi-media water filter
Arsenic resin water softener
Free water test
Small RO for your kitchen
Whole house reverse osmosis is the best filtration
Why not let us test your water. It's free.
Iron-less water softener for your home
Patented water filter
Perfect water out of every faucet
You should test your water
Many skeptics believe magnets have no use in the water treatment industry. We think otherwise with a 324 day test we performed. CLICK HERE
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